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Black Lives Matter Movement Canada-founder Sandy Hudson on 'the perhaps wild notion that you haven’t considered before'

“Bizarre, authoritarian, Draconian,” is how Sandy Hudson described the U.S. government's response to nationwide demonstrations last week against police violence and racism. Hudson, who helped bring the Black Lives Matter movement to Canada, joined Canada's National Observer editor-in-chief Linda Solomon-Wood for a conversation on "defunding police," the death of George Floyd and the response from Black people in North America.

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TT The Artist Takes Toronto

TT the Artist is a force. She’s a multigenre rapper, covering hip-hop, Baltimore club, and Miami bass. She’s queer, and though she doesn’t like labels, she understands their importance. And she’s here as a leader to help all queer women of colour break into the industry.


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Ashleigh-Rae Thomas

Ashleigh-Rae Thomas is a freelance journalist based in Toronto, Ontario. Her aim is to make gay publications Blacker, Black publications gayer, and a mixture of both for mainstream outlets. She has done so by writing for Vice, THIS Magazine, Daily Xtra, and Before writing non-fiction, Ashleigh-Rae wrote TV and movie reviews for A self-professed nerd, Ashleigh-Rae spends a lot of time obsessing about the Marvel Universe and diversity in fiction